Sep 17, 2015

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Sep 14, 2015

Primal Kitchen New Product Launch GIVEAWAY

Sauerkraut here I come !!!!
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Jan 14, 2015

DIY Chair Make Over New Uses For Old Sweaters Upholstery !

Yes, this antique mission style chair was redone for $2.00!! ( I got the chair for free) I can honestly say this chair wears that sweater much better then I ever did.
I loved this sweater when I picked it up at a thrift sale. I couldn't wait to wear it! That was 5 years ago but I couldn't part with it, thankfully I didn't.... Because now it makes the best upholstery ever!! AND I got a new pair of leg warmers with the sleeves!! I literally match my furniture, not sure that's a good thing.



So I was going to sand this down and stain it a soft grey, maybe I still will? But spring would be the best time for that messy job. I cleaned it up took the cushion off and got to work. This had several layers of fabric to it. The base was springs, horsehair, cotton and wool batting. I kept the base and removed the staples, fabric layers and tossed them. Vacuumed up and got the sweater ready!
After spending a good deal of time trying to find the screws in this and reach them, it feel out... It didn't have any screws ahhhh....

Blue fabric, deteriorated corduroy and lastly yellow velvet. Taking the layers off was the longest part. The amount of staples to pull was grand!

The fabric was dusty but the batting seemed fine and I kept it. I did add some lavender and cedar mist EO's to the chair giving it a lovely fresh scent every time you sat down, why not right....

THE sweater ahhhhh!!

Arms cut off and used for leg warmers winky winky!!

I sewed the arms back together with my sewing machine to create the edges of the square cushion...

Snuggle it around and stapled it into place. Starting from one side pulling it tight and then moving to the opposite side.

Lucky for me I this sweater had a great back for the front of the chair giving it a really nice fit!! I also had a grey sweater someone gave me that was way to small so I used it for the back pillow!

Hey, free legwarmers... Simple hem with elastic threaded inside and bottoms are already finished as the sweater arms!!


So the perfect sweater that might not fit you has a ton of other uses!!